Learning Management System

A Platform Built for Success

As an adaptive learning management system, our "built from the ground up" technology is simple to learn and easy to use, making students true co-pilots over every aspect of the learning process.

For teachers and administrators, our platform gives you real-time access to all the information you need to make smart decisions. From monitoring student progress to creating quizzes on the fly, we've got you covered. In today's educational marketplace utilizing data is key, and Spark gives you access to every piece of information necessary to WIN.

True Flexibility

With SPARK LMS, we wanted to build a system that gave teachers the flexibility to play a more active role teaching by making the busy work, well, less busy. With SPARK, teachers can create their own courses, grade quizzes on the fly and communicate with parents, with just a few clicks of the mouse. This givers teachers more time to be available for those students that need some extra attention, or catch up on reports that need to be filed. SPARK LMS is changing education, by changing the systems that power it.

“The New Spark LMS is a game changer! I love the control it gives me on virtually every aspect of teaching!” Richelle Marrara. Oologah, H.S.

New Features Driving Innovation


  • Image Internal Messaging System
  • Image Parent/Guardian Portal
  • Image Role Switching Capabilities
  • Image Progress Tracking for Students
  • Image Calendar / Event System
  • Image Counselor/Mentor Relationships
  • Image Customizable Profile Settings


  • Image Weighted Grading Options
  • Image Letter Grade Definition Customization
  • Image Addtl. Security for Quizzes
  • Image Randomization Option within Quizzes
  • Image Grading Interface
  • Image Drag and Drop Capability
  • Image Automated Grading for Most Q. Types


  • Image 7 Question Delivery Options
  • Image 5 Activity Delivery Options
  • Image Robust Course Catalog
  • Image 100% Fully Editable Content
  • Image Common Core Standard Match
  • Image Group Managing w/in Courses
  • Image Drag and Drop Functionality

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Student Engagement

The key to helping students prepare for a future outside of High School, is teaching them how to effectively communicate. With SPARK, each student is responsible to interact with teachers/mentors on all aspects of their daily, weekly and monthly workload.

Whether it's completing assignments, asking questions about electives or working through a group project-Spark LMS challenges students to engage as part of their daily workload.

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“A truly remarkable system!! I feel as if I am teaching fully for the first time.”