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With advances in technology now making education more flexible, schools are finally able to provide the type of individualized learning that allows every student the chance to succeed. Finally, schools can cater to students with specific needs in a way that was never available until now. All that is needed is a platform, curriculum and a pedagogy that makes implementation easy.


Our content and platform, implemented in schools focused on individualization, differentiation, and personalization, has proven to be very effective in raising the academic performance of students at all levels of learning. Graduation rates and performance on standardized tests have also increased when using this platform in conjunction with a robust personalized learning pedagogical approach at the school.


Individualization refers to the pace of instruction that is tailored to the learning needs of every individual. Although the learning goals are the same for all students, they need to be able to progress through the material at different speeds according to their learning ability. For example, students might take longer to progress through a given topic; skip topics that cover information they already know, or repeat topics as needed. This allows the student to feel a sense of achievement in areas of strength and confidence in areas that are more challenging.


Differentiation refers to instruction that is tailored to the learning preferences of different learners. Learning goals are the same for all students, but the method or approach of instruction varies according to the preferences of each student or what research has found works best for students with their individual needs. At Onfire, our approach is to align each student with the learning method that best fits their personality and skillset.


When it comes to personalizing education, our belief is that each student is unique, bringing with them varying confidence levels, learning aptitudes and skillsets. Because of this we developed a system that gives students the ability to adjust the learning process to the style and pace that allows them to play to their strengths and experience success early on.

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